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Lost Kos

American Kick Boxing Academy brethren Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck resolved never to trade blows in the octagon unless the other held the title. It is also well known that their AKA fraternal loyalty has miffed President Dana White for a couple of fight calendars. They can give that controversial issue a rest for now because George St. Pierre punctuated the 2010 UFC fight season Saturday administering a boxing lesson to Koscheck that will require stiches and surgery to repair an orbital bone around Kos’ right eye socket. GSP’s jab was something out of the “sweet science” but can be blamed more so on the light weight MMA mitts. A boxing cornerman would have admonished Kos to parry the Canadian’s jab and come over with a short right cross—but this is MMA. The San Jose fight club stands 0-3 versus St. Pierre but Credit Kos for having a heart as big as his mouth in the line of fire and for that his AKA cohorts Fitch, Velasquez and Swick can be proud.

Interestingly GSP employed a similar strategy against Josh Koscheck that also carved up Jon Fitch at UFC 87. St. Pierre was light on his feet popping the piston like left jab into the mug of his opponent without any intervention and then leveraging a takedown when it presented itself. Gsp’s wrestling was not as unstoppable per usual but he had already won the fight standing after round 2. 33 year old Koscheck’s surgery will put him out of commission until spring but he has plenty of fights left in him and the skills to keep him in the line of contenders. Whether he earns another title shot in the Welter Weight division may be a matter of fate.

Riding a five fight winning streak Jon Fitch will rumble with BJ Penn in February while St. Pierre waits for a pairing with former Strike Force Middleweight champ Jake Shields. The Shields fight might be GSP’s celebrated adieu to the Welterweight division if he steam rolls Shields as is predicted. The winner of the Fitch-Penn fight would logically be the next in line but the parent powers that be can change that with a wave. Dana White does not want GSP to rematch a carousel of fighters whose tickets he’s already punched at least once. The entire MMA world from is clamoring for the two best pound for pound fighters in St. Pierre and Anderson Silva to meet in the center of the cage. This could be a climactic scenario for the end of 2011 if all falls into place with Silva’s meeting and besting fellow countryman Vito Belfort.

At 170 George St. Pierre is the picture of perfection. He has been quoted as saying that a move to 185 would be a permanent one, but it is hard to imagine the champion bottling the same athleticism and quickness into a frame 20-25 pounds heavier. Then again we never imagined the Canadian Black Belt in Koyokushin Karate tossing former NCAA wresting champs around like nickels. Next December we may finally have a sole pound for pound MMA champ and Kos might find his way back to contention even if it means fighting a friend.

Jdon Howard


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